Company Profile
Yanko Company, originated in Taiwan in the 1990s,
is a brand on behalf of the essence with beautiful
and elegant life style.
The whitening experts in YANKO Research Center
are exploring the beauty of Asian women, and find
that, Asian women have a different pursuit of
perfection with European and American women on
YANKO Company, not only cares about the
development of Asian women whitening career, but
also advocates a positive, confident and beautiful
attitude towards life, so it has won the reputation of
“Asian skin expert”, and become the leader in Asian
whitening beauty products.
Research and Innovation
YANKO, together with Jianming (International Raw material Culture Company) and silab (the leading international R&D company), set up YANKO Institute of Plant Beauty, innovative use of supercritical fluids to extract active ingredients from plants, as a new plant source whitening agent to prevent the formation of melanin.
Company Culture
Our quality: safe, effective and health
Our attitude: profession, whole-hearted and concentration
Our supports: comprehensive and humanizing
Our concepts: customer comes first, serviced-oriented
Customer Service Hotline :
+86 0755-86534586
Shenzhen Yanko High-End Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Room 201, Building E, Bailiwan Garden, Industry 8th Rd, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
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